McKenzie & Connor // Engagement // Max Patch

Appalachian Mountains.

September 2nd, 2018
Max Patch, NC

As you can tell from the date at the top, I’m a little behind on my blogging. Since my last post, I got MARRIED, went on a two week honeymoon to Maui, HI (the best two weeks of my entire life), shot my last two weddings of 2018, and shot my first wedding of 2019 in California! My second wedding of 2019 which kicks of my official “wedding season” is April 27th, and these two will finally be married! But enough catch up on me, let’s talk about these two!

Mckenzie & Connor deserve an award for long distance relationships. They also deserve an award for most traveled for an engagement session haha. We all came from different parts of the country and converged in the Smoky Mountains- Connor from Virginia, McKenzie from Tennessee (the very western tip), and myself from Ohio. Each of our drives were about 7 hours. But it was so worth it! We spent the night on top of a mountain in North Carolina, watching the sunset color the hills pink while a dark thunderstorm rolled in. Eventually the lightning got too close for comfort, and we started making our way down. But knowing me, I kept making them stop for more photos, and we got caught in a TORRENTIAL downpour and said our goodbyes running to our cars haha. Now in just two short months, I’ll see these two again for their wedding in Virginia! I’m so happy for them, and so excited for them to live together in the same city. But until then, you can enjoy some photos of them in the mountains. :)

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