Katie & Kade // Engagement // Hocking Hills

Beautiful park, beautiful love.

April 7th, 2018
Hocking Hills State Park, OH

If this engagement session isn’t a perfect example of how unpredictable Ohio weather can be, then I don’t know what is. Katie and I picked the date for their engagement session months ago during the winter, hoping that it would be warm and sunny.. Instead of warm and sunny, that week there was some serious flooding in Southeast Ohio. So serious that I had to call the park office to make sure the locations were still safe and accessible! And to top it off, there was a forecast of snow the night before. Ohio actually stayed true to the forecast for once, and driving into the Hocking Hills region we were greeted with snow dusted pines. You can’t tell in the photos, but it was FREEZING. Katie & Kade were such troopers with the weather to say the least!

We started the session at Ash Cave. It’s one of my favorite spots to hike and explore in Hocking Hills State Park. It’s vast, open, and offers a variety of colors. They laughed, hugged, and ran, following all of the silly prompts I gave them. When I didn’t think it could get any cuter, they danced on top of a cliff and I kept yelling, “DON’T STOP”. Next, we headed down the road to Cedar Falls, another gem of Hocking Hills State Park. The pool was fuller than I’ve ever seen it, and the waterfalls were rushing. It was the perfect backdrop! Best of all, we beat the morning hikers with our early start and had the falls all to ourselves. The entire engagement session, Katie & Kade were laughing and smiling. They’ve been together for years, stuck through long distance, and I can’t wait for their November wedding in Zanesville, OH.. let’s just hope there’s no snow again! :)

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