Bethany & Kevin // Couple // New River Gorge, WV

Adventurous Anniversary.

December 15th, 2018
New River Gorge National River - Glen Jean, West Virginia.

This session is near and dear to my heart! Kevin & Bethany are family, and also friends. Kevin is my brother-in-law, and basically my husband’s identical twin. I might have received some comments/messages on Instagram after posting photos from Kevin & Bethany’s session asking why I took photos of Ryan with another girl haha. But I digress..

Kevin & Bethany have been together for as long as I’ve been part of the family, and Bethany came to me wanting some updated photos of them. I was stoked! We wanted a more adventurous location for their session, but within driving distance, and we agreed on New River Gorge National River. If you haven’t been to New River Gorge National River, you definitely should! It’s a beautiful gem down in West Virginia. Ryan and I spent a weekend camping and swimming in the river a few summers ago and those will always be some of my favorite memories!

For Kevin & Bethany’s session, we started down right on New River. It was an unusual day in December for the fact that it was sunny and 60 degrees! After exploring the river and eating some lunch, we drove to a trail that overlooked the New River. It was BEAUTIFUL. The trail wound through a rhododendron forest, then opened up over the gorge. While we were out on the edge of the gorge, the sky decided to open up and start raining haha. Kevin & Bethany didn’t mind, and it only added to the emotion. Shout out to Kevin & Bethany for being two adventurous and kind people in love.

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